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Hong Kong SME Cyber Preparedness Report 2019

The second, annual Chubb Hong Kong SME Cyber Preparedness Report - ‘Ignorance is Risk’, revealed Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong SAR have a low level of confidence in their employees’ ability to manage cyber risk. In fact, 47% of SME leaders in Hong Kong SAR say that their employees do not recognise the severity of cyber risks to the business, and 41% say there is no consistent understanding across their organisation of what cyber risk means.

The report showed an increase in the number of cyber incidents affecting SMEs in the past 12 months. It also examined the common types of cyber breaches, concerns among SMEs post-breach, as well as the incident response plans.  

Other key findings from the report include:

Key Findings

a close up of a logo SMEs are most concerned about the effects on their relationships with customers (51%) after a cyber incident.

The most commonly experienced types of cyber incidents in 2019 were

  • data loss through system malfunction, technical fault (29%)
  • human error (24%)
  • business interruption from system malfunction, technical fault (18%).
a close up of a device More than half (54%) of SMEs do not have a data breach response plan in place. 
Nearly a third (32%) of SMEs did not purchase cyber risk insurance before or after a cyber breach.

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