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Below is a list of useful sites for boaters and marine professionals:

  • BoatSafe and BoatSafeKids offer boating information and online courses, maintenance and equipment tips, and books and reviews to increase your "nautical know-how."
  • BUCValu provides statistically authenticated current market values for boats and motors with adjustment scales for area, condition and equipment.
  • Chapman School of Seamanship trains students from around the world in areas such as navigation, seamanship, boat handling in both power and sail, and the nautical information needed for licensing in pursuit of a career as captain or crew.
  • Government of Canada’s Weather Portal reports the latest marine weather forecasts and warnings for Canada, including regional breakdowns and seasonal forecasts.
  • IAMI (International Association of Marine Investigators) provides information regarding marine crime, vessel accident prevention/investigation, environmental protection, marine drug smuggling, cargo crime and boating safety issues.
  • MarinaLife offer boaters a complete suite of travel services, including the only centralized online reservations service. Their membership program also provides national and international discounts, as well as travel planning for groups and individuals.
  • offers information on Canadian and international marinas, as well as images and interactive maps for many destinations.
  • NAMS (National Association of Marine Surveyors) is a non-profit organization that certifies marine surveyors and provides continuing education opportunities.
  • National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada helps manufacturers ensure their boats meet the standards set by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) via their Boat & Yacht Certification Program.
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is an international non-profit authority that advocates consensus codes and standards, research, training and education to reduce fire and other hazards.
  • The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors provides contact information for all surveyors in the country.
  • Transport Canada shares official information on marine transportation in Canada and the services and resource offered.