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A tabletop exercise is an interactive, realistic event simulation that can help you identify potential issues in your incident response plan before an incident happens. The virtual simulation uses a custom-tailored event scenario that is based on real and current cyber threats to test your organization’s ability to effectively implement your cyber incident response plan.

Virtual Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Highlights

This three-hour virtual tabletop exercise assesses your organization’s ability to respond to a cyber incident, focusing on your organization’s:

  • Statutory, contractual, and regulatory frameworks
  • Current risk posture and incident response preparedness
  • Current incident response plan alongside Chubb’s incident response capabilities

Following the exercise, you’ll receive a report summarizing the findings and key takeaways.

How to Access

To sign up for a Virtual Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Exercise as a Chubb policyholder, click here to request services.

Request Cyber Services

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