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Ransomware can rapidly infect systems and spread across a company, creating serious problems for your business and employees. Ransomware often begins with a phishing attempt, which is when an employee receives an email that appears legitimate, but actually contains malicious links or file attachments. The hidden content of these types of emails enable cyber criminals to encrypt files on your company’s devices and network drives, effectively locking them and making your systems inaccessible. These bad actors then demand a ransom payment, often in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, in order to relinquish access to your company’s files. What makes a ransomware attack even more effective is its ability to travel through your company’s network after starting from only a single compromised access point.


Endpoint Security and Response is a type of software designed to proactively stop this type of malicious activity from causing damage to one or more computers on your network. This solution can be quickly deployed across your network to protect your company around the clock.

Endpoint Security and Response Highlights

Endpoint Security and Response can help stop both known and never-before-seen threats from traveling through your company’s network. With Endpoint Security and Response, your organization has access to:

  • A management console, which acts as the cloud platform that serves as the central management and reporting hub for your computers, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware and IT resources
  • Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), which uses cloud-scale Artificial Intelligence and behavioral-based detection to detect unusual patterns of behavior, then stop threats from traveling through your company’s network
  • Sensors that use adaptive machine learning to help detect and block ransomware and malware, including the latest emerging threats or tactics that bad actors may be using
  • Ongoing support and quarterly computer health checks


How to Access

To sign up for Endpoint Security and Response as a Chubb policyholder, click here to request services.

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