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For the third consecutive year, Chubb is a featured contributor and the only insurance carrier to be included in Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Verizon’s 2017 DBIR provides actionable intelligence that can help improve your cybersecurity. By contributing data, Chubb is ensuring our partners and clients are up to speed on the latest cyber risks and how to mitigate them.

Based on Verizon’s analysis of more than 40,000 incidents, including 1,935 confirmed data breaches, the 2017 DBIR provides detailed insight into the cybersecurity threats you face. Read the report to discover:

  • The biggest cybersecurity threats in your sector and what you can do to mitigate them
  • Who’s behind the attacks and how they’re getting in
  • What motivates cybercriminals
  • How nine incident patterns can help you predict what the cybercriminals will do next

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