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Chubb’s Cyber Incident Response Team is comprised of a panel of pre-approved service providers that deliver a range of incident response services to our cyber policyholders who experience a cyber incident. Chubb’s cyber policyholders can activate this panel to respond to a cyber incident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


However, a key tenet of Chubb’s cyber offering is flexibility, and we recognize that you may have relationships with incident response providers that are not currently members of our Cyber Incident Response Team. Chubb’s cyber policyholders also have the option of requesting the addition of non-panel incident response vendors (e.g., Non-Panel Vendors) as outlined below.

Policyholder Request Process

To request the addition of a non-panel incident response vendor, contact your agent or broker with the name of the of your requested Non-Panel Vendor, along with a brief description of the incident response service(s) to be provided (e.g., forensics, response coaching, public relations, etc.). Your agent or broker will contact Chubb and request the vendor be added to your cyber policy. Importantly, these requests must be submitted to Chubb before the occurrence of any incident or claim that is or may be reported under the policy. Requests are then processed by Chubb for further consideration, based on whether the provider is a new or existing Non-Panel Vendor, as described below.

New Non-Panel Vendors

If your requested Non-Panel Vendor has not been previously approved by Chubb, the following process will take place once Chubb receives the request from your agent or broker:

  • Chubb or your agent/broker will send the Non-Panel Vendor a link to complete an online questionnaire.
  • Once the questionnaire has been completed, the information will be sent to Chubb to be evaluated for approval. In some cases, Chubb may contact the Non-Panel Vendor with additional questions during this evaluation process.
  • Once the evaluation is complete, Chubb will share the findings with your agent or broker, who will then discuss the decision directly with you. Non-Panel Vendors should not contact Chubb directly regarding their approval status.

Existing Non-Panel Vendors

If the Non-Panel Vendor has previously been approved by Chubb, the vendor will not need to complete another questionnaire, unless otherwise instructed by Chubb. Typically, your agent or broker will simply need to submit your request to your Chubb underwriter to process the change to your policy.

Program Requirements

Both Chubb’s cyber policyholders and any requested Non-Panel Vendors must adhere to the following requirements when participating in this program:

  • To be considered as an approved provider, Non-Panel Vendors must be listed on your cyber policy before the occurrence of any incident or claim that is or may be reported under the policy.
  • Non-Panel Vendors must adhere to the terms of the policy and abide by any rules and rates established during the approval process.
  • Occasionally Chubb may request that a Non-Panel Vendor complete an additional questionnaire.
  • Approval as a Non-Panel Vendor is not automatic. Receipt of a Non-Panel Vendor’s information by Chubb does not mean that Chubb has agreed to add the vendor as an approved Non-Panel Vendor on any policyholder’s cyber policy.
  • Approval as a Non-Panel Vendor does not mean that the vendor is now a pre-approved service provider on Chubb’s Cyber Incident Response Team.
  • Non-Panel Vendors should not solicit Chubb to be included as a part of our Cyber Incident Response Team. Chubb will contact the Non-Panel Vendor if there is an opportunity to join the Cyber Incident Response Team.
  • Policyholders should consult with their agent or broker before requesting this program.