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Educational institutions face tonnes of exposure to foreign travel with thousands of students studying abroad every year. In a cases like these, International Casualty Coverage and  extended coverage for students and chaperones are a must and the most prudent of options.

Coverage Highlights


  • General Liability,
    ​ Capacity up to $10 million in limits
    ​ Optional coverage for injury to participants and for legal action outside Canada available to universities
  • Contingent Automobile Liability
    ​ Coverage protection for covering owned as well as non-owned and hired autos
  • Employers Responsibility
    ​ Primary Foreign Voluntary Compensation
    ​ Employers Liability
  • Executive Assistance® Services ​ Emergency medical, travel, personal, concierge and security services
    ​ Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation services and coverage (policy limit: $1 million)
    ​ Emergency political evacuation/repatriation services and coverage (policy limit: $10,000)
  • Kidnap and Extortion
    ​ $250,000 limit (increased limits available)
    ​ The services of a skilled negotiation firm for faculty, staff, administration and/ other employees
  • Accident and Sickness Medical Expense* ​ Policy limits: $10,000 or $25,000
    ​ Pays 100% of “reasonable and customary” in-hospital and outpatient charges ($50 deductible per occurrence
    ​ Provides up to $500 coverage per calendar year for pre-existing conditions
    ​ Includes $1,000 coverage per occurrence for dental expenses resulting from an accident or injury
    ​ Pays $250 per occurrence for ambulance service
  • ADD* ​ Policy limits: $100,000 or $250,000
    ​ Compensates for injuries directly resulting in death or loss of sight and/or limb(s), speech and/or hearing up to 12 months after an accident
    *Features Applying to Both Emergency Medical and ADD
  • Provides 24-hour coverage from the time students leave until they return
    For those studying abroad, extends coverage for personal trips (of up to two weeks)

Optional Student Coverage

The following coverages are also available for students and chaperones through this program:

  • Kidnap & Extortion coverage
  • Accident and Sickness Medical Expense*
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (ADD)
  • Medical Evacuation/Repatriation (policy limit: $500,000 per person subject to $1 million policy limit for Medical Assistance Services)
  • Emergency Political Evacuation/Repatriation (policy limit: $2,500 per person per event, $10,000 policy limit)
  • Executive Assistance® Services

*Coverage is on a secondary basis. For primary accident & health coverage, please contact the Chubb Foreign Casualty underwriting specialist in your region.

Additional available coverages:

  • Property, for owned buildings, business income, and/or business contents
  • Employee Dishonesty

Executive Coverage

Quality insurance is just one reason for choosing International Advantage® products.
Another is Executive Assistance® a package of travel-related services, coordinated through two of the world’s leading providers: Europ Assistance* and iJET Intelligent Risk Services.
When basic coverage is extended to include traveling students, employees, chaperones and others, Executive Assistance® provides individuals with 24-hour toll-free telephone access to the following services:
Medical Assistance
Provides access to qualified, English-speaking physicians, verifies benefits and coordinates claims anywhere in the world.
Travel and Personal Assistance
Supplies embassy and consular contacts worldwide, and assists in replacing lost documents.
Legal Assistance
Connects travelers with local attorneys familiar with court systems in foreign countries, and provides local language translation services.
Security Assistance
Worldwide security/health reports and travel advice at password protected

Client Profile

Studying abroad is not without risks, Educational Institutions that may benefit from the Chubb International Advantage® education program:

  • Sponsor cultural and sightseeing school trips abroad for faculty, students and chaperones
  • Sponsor study abroad programs
  • Have extensions programs located overseas, temporarily or permanently
  • Place students or faculty in graduate programs abroad
  • Sponsor exchange student programs
  • Have faculty or other employees who attend conferences, conventions or seminars overseas
  • Have faculty, other employees or students who travel outside of the country to do on-site inspections, field engineering studies, field scientific research