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Large organizations need to mitigate cyber losses before they happen. The Global Cyber Facility leverages Chubb’s claims data and relationships with globally recognized cyber defense organizations to lead the market in meeting this critical need.

Loss Control Services

Core Security Defenses

  • Incorporates review of the implementation of and compliance with industry standard security controls for protecting information
  • Includes:
    • Summary report benchmarking the company’s practices against industry accepted practices
    • Benchmark report of the company’s practices against those in peer industries, where applicable
    • Cloud security posture scores, where appropriate

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Measures the completeness of vision and culture awareness of information security and privacy at the Board level
  • Companies are assessed in four critical areas:
    • Cyber risk culture and governance that clearly defines roles, responsibilities and accountability
    • Cyber risk management framework and risk appetite that is aligned with the organization’s approved risk strategy
    • Cyber threat and risk assessment structure to identify, assess and evaluate potential exposures
    • Cyber risk reporting structure to the Board, senior management and other important constituents

Response Readiness Capabilities

  • Measures the detection and response capabilities in the event of a network security or confidential data compromise
  • Clients receive:
    • Maturity score based on six response readiness domains, including governance, communication, visibility, intelligence, response and metrics
    • Gap analysis, recommendations and a roadmap for improvement

Business Interruption Calculation

  • Calculates the financial outcome based on the organization’s ability to withstand and recover from interruptions in network operations.
  • Includes:
    • Calculations and models illustrating and quantifying probably maximum loss and maximum foreseeable loss scenarios
    • Detailed reports, including annual updates to factor in business trend changes, acquisitions/divestitures, and other factors if applicable