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Ensure your engineering services have top of the line risk management in place with Chubb’s consultative risk evaluation and management service.

Coverage Highlights


  • Offers consultative risk evaluation and management services for Engineered Risk and Builders’ Risk installation floaters and contractors equipment accounts on a fee for service basis under separate agreement
  • Performed independently from loss control activities undertaken by the insurer for underwriting purposes
  • More than 20 years of construction-related loss control experience to identify and mitigate potential loss producing exposures through improvements in formal project management controls


  • Property Preservation Planning & Assessment (PPPA) for construction projects
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) analysis and reports for large construction projects and physical structures
  • Engineered Risk facility management evaluations
  • Severe weather and hurricane preparedness plans
  • Property loss control engineered services on construction projects

Target Client

  • Design-Build-Operate infrastructure projects
  • General contractors & construction managers
  • Large civil works construction (e.g., bridges, tunnels and other structures)