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Global Cyber Facility: Suite of Multiline Peril Endorsements

Chubb’s suite of multiline cyber peril endorsements for the Global Cyber Facility helps you address exposure gaps in your insurance portfolio and enables you to confidently respond to the concerns of your C-Suite and Board.

Proprietary Global Cyber Facility Assessment Process

Chubb’s Global Cyber Facility assessment process goes beyond the standard application by capturing both objective and subjective criteria to provide an interactive view of cyber exposures.

Integrated Loss Control Services

Large organizations need to mitigate cyber losses before they happen. The Global Cyber Facility leverages Chubb’s claims data and relationships with globally recognized cyber defense organizations to lead the market in meeting this critical need.

Comprehensive Claims Management & Post-Incident Services

At Chubb, our underwriting and claim experts recognize that every privacy and network security event is unique and that response readiness strategies must be tailored to the particular nature of the event and to the policyholder’s industry and customer base.

Rethink Cyber Underwriting

Be the first to learn about our new model for underwriting cyber insurance, intended to simplify and improve the assessment of both cyber and privacy risks.