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Chubb’s DigiTech® ERM policy incorporates insight gained from our 30+ years of experience underwriting technology-driven exposures. Providing a distinctive level of technology and cyber protection that only Chubb can offer, DigiTech® ERM combines market-leading cyber insurance with extensive loss mitigation and incident response services — giving you a comprehensive enterprise risk management solution to address your organization’s cyber risks.

Coverage Highlights

Competitive Advantages

  • Leading provider of technology and cyber risk solutions since first product was launched 30+ years ago
  • Coverage incorporates insight gained from years of claims and underwriting experience
  • Supported by Chubb’s extensive loss mitigation and incident response services
  • Extensive claims experience – helped notify more than 300 million individuals of a privacy breach
  • Highly customizable solutions to address clients' unique needs, regardless of size or type of risk
  • Cybercrime coverage is available by endorsement or under separate cover from Chubb’s industry-leading 
            Fidelity and Crime products
  • Covers Cyber Incident Response Expenses, with expansive consumer-based solutions that are ahead of regulatory requirements
  • No minimum premiums; premiums scale for all risk sizes based on scope of coverage and limits
  • Most risk classes eligible for at least $10 million in limits; maximum capacity of $100 million available through Chubb’s Global Cyber Facility
  • Backed by the financial strength of Chubb’s A++ balance sheet

Key Features

  • Broadened definition of Technology Incident
  • Coverage available for Software Copyright Infringement and Product Recall Loss of Use
  • No exclusions for Delays or Failure to Deliver
  • Industry-leading coverage designed to address evolving regulatory, legal and cybersecurity standards and built to consider future changes

Easy-to-read form:

  1. Structure aligned with the flow of a typical incidentPresentation of Cyber Incident Response Expenses aligned with the typical flow of decision-making throughout an incident
  2. Clearly labeled exclusions with competitive carve-backs
  • Payment Card Loss coverage built into the base form
  • Discovery-based coverage at a Control Group level
  • Includes enhanced Business Interruption and Extra Expense language
  • Broadened definition of Protected Information includes biometrics, internet browsing history and personally identifiable photos and videos
  • Extortion Expenses explicitly include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Coverage Territory applicable to anywhere in the universe to address continued evolution of hosting and data storage

Target Client

  • General technology services
  • Consultants/integrators of hardware, software and systems architecture
  • Application service providers
  • Data processors
  • Software developers