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Incident Response Mobile App

Cyber incidents occur at a moment’s notice, and your response needs to be just as fast. With Chubb’s Cyber Alert® mobile app, you have access to 24/7 incident reporting and response service resources at your fingertips. With a press of a button, Cyber Alert connects you to specialists who will route you to a Chubb Incident Response Coach. The app also enables you to submit photos, see your call history, view relevant contacts, and notify your agent or broker of the incident. 

This service is available to Chubb policyholders at no additional cost.

Learn more about Chubb’s Cyber Alert mobile app.

Online Cyber Response Plan Builder

Having an up-to-date incident response plan that can be quickly accessed and deployed during a crisis is essential for all organizations. This solution is designed to help you build, customize, and maintain a response plan that can be accessed via the web or a mobile device, and even comes pre-loaded with expert contacts from Chubb’s panel of incident response providers.

Learn more about the Online Cyber Response Plan Builder.

Virtual Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

You’ve developed a comprehensive incident response plan…but have you tested it? A Virtual Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Exercise is an interactive event simulation that is designed to help you identify potential shortcomings in your plan, well in advance of an actual event. The simulation uses a custom-tailored cyber incident scenario based on current, real-life cyber threats to test your organization’s ability to effectively implement your incident response plan.

Learn more about the Virtual Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Exercise.

Response Readiness Assessment

An incident response plan details the specific steps and/or actions that need to be taken if your organization experiences a cyber incident. Without this plan, you risk not having the right resources available to respond to the event – which has the potential to both increase your losses and your chance of recurrence. With a Response Readiness Assessment, you’ll receive a customized evaluation of your incident response plan to help you identify and address potential gaps. Or, if your organization doesn’t yet have an incident response plan, get help creating one so that you can put a fundamental plan in place quickly.

Request Cyber Services

All Chubb policyholders are eligible for cyber services. Get the most value from your Chubb policy and request access today.