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Chubb Cyber Vulnerability Alert System

When software applications are developed, they often include coding errors or “bugs” that cause unexpected errors in performance. Some coding issues introduce a weakness or vulnerability that cyber criminals can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your networks and systems. Although these weaknesses can be patched, it can often be challenging to stay informed about the most recent vulnerabilities identified. With the Chubb Cyber Vulnerability System, you’ll receive customized email alerts that highlight the latest and most critical vulnerabilities associated with the software programs your organization uses. Special urgent alerts are also sent to clients who might be impacted by recently identified, widespread cyber incidents.

This service is available to Chubb policyholders at no additional cost.

Learn more about the Chubb Cyber Vulnerability Alert System.

External Vulnerability Monitoring

It’s important to have a process in place to identify weaknesses in your computing systems before they lead to a data breach or system downtime. If left unchecked, these weaknesses can be exploited by cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access to your systems, networks, and data. External Vulnerability Monitoring can help you identify these kinds of vulnerabilities – especially those unknown ones that emerge or persist over time. This service is available via an online platform that requires no hardware or software installation.

This service is available to Chubb policyholders at no additional cost.

Learn more about External Vulnerability Monitoring.

Network Vulnerability Scan

You want your organization’s network to be as secure as possible, free of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber criminals. Network vulnerability scans can help you identify these weaknesses. As a Chubb policyholder, you have access to automated vulnerability scans to help you identify specific weaknesses in firewalls, web applications, and mail servers. Once the scan is complete, you’ll receive a summary report that outlines the key points and risk factors that need to be prioritized for remediation. With the assistance of onsite IT/networking professionals, you can also run internal network scans following the installation of virtual scanner software on your network.

Request Cyber Services

All Chubb policyholders are eligible for cyber services. Get the most value from your Chubb policy and request access today.