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Cyber risks are enterprise risk issues that require enterprise risk management solutions. With Chubb’s Cyber ERM policy, you have access to a distinctive level of cyber protection that only Chubb can offer: market-leading cyber insurance backed by the financial strength of Chubb’s AA+ balance sheet, accompanied by extensive loss mitigation and incident response services.

Coverage Highlights

Competitive Advantages

  • Leading provider of cyber risk solutions since first product was launched in 1998
  • Coverage incorporates insight gained from years of claims and underwriting experience
  • Supported by Chubb’s extensive loss mitigation and incident response services
  • Extensive claims experience – helped notify more than 300 million individuals of a privacy breach
  • Highly customizable solutions to address the unique needs of individual risks of all sizes and across all industries
  • Cybercrime coverage is available by endorsement or under separate cover from Chubb’s industry-leading

        Fidelity and Crime products

  • Covers Cyber Incident Response Expenses, with expansive consumer-based solutions that are ahead of regulatory requirements
  • No minimum premiums; premiums scale for all risk sizes based on scope of coverage and limits
  • Most risk classes eligible for at least $10 million in limits; maximum capacity of $100 million available through Chubb’s Global Cyber Facility
  • Backed by the financial strength of Chubb’s A++ balance sheet

Key Features

  • Industry-leading coverage designed to address evolving regulatory, legal and cybersecurity standards and built to consider future changes
  • Easy-to-read form:
    1. Structure aligned with the flow of a typical incident
    2. Presentation of Cyber Incident Response Expenses aligned with the typical flow of decision-making throughout an incident
  • Clearly labeled exclusions with competitive carve-backs
  • Payment Card Loss coverage built into the base form
  • Discovery-based coverage at a Control Group level
  • Includes enhanced Business Interruption and Extra Expense language
  • Broadened definition of Protected Information includes biometrics, internet browsing history and personally identifiable photos and videos
  • Extortion Expenses explicitly include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Coverage Territory applicable to anywhere in the universe to address continued evolution of hosting and data storage

Target Client

Chubb’s Cyber ERM policy offers a distinctive level of protection to any organization that owns or manages sensitive customer or employee information, third party corporate information, a computer network or a website. This includes clients of all sizes and across all industries. Chubb’s expansive cyber appetite even includes industries that have experienced the greatest frequency of cyber incidents, including healthcare, financial institutions and retail.