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Endpoint Security and Response

Cyber criminals frequently change their tactics, developing new methods of attack that can’t be detected or contained effectively by traditional antivirus software. Endpoint Security and Response is a type of software designed to proactively stop malicious activity from causing damage to one or more computers on your network. This solution can be quickly deployed across your network to protect your company’s computers around the clock.

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Patch Management

All of the software applications accessed on your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet are frequently updated with new features or security fixes. For convenience, many of these updates are installed automatically. For example, a security update on your phone may be installed automatically overnight while you sleep. But for organizations with 24x7 operations and a large population of computing devices, installing and managing updates or patches requires a lot more planning. If left unchecked, unpatched systems can be exploited by an attacker and lead to significant system downtime. With this solution, Chubb policyholders can get help selecting, designing, and implementing a patch management system.

Request Cyber Services

All Chubb policyholders are eligible for cyber services. Get the most value from your Chubb policy and request access today.