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At Chubb, our underwriting and claim experts recognize that every privacy and network security event is unique and that response readiness strategies must be tailored to the particular nature of the event and to the policyholder’s industry and customer base.

Claims Management & Post-Incident Services

Experienced Claims Management Services

  • Chubb’s claims division has helped hundreds of clients through a privacy or network security incident, helping policyholders notify more than 300 million individuals of a privacy breach
  • Wealth of experience enables us to refine claims handling and data breach response processes

Data Breach Team

  • Led by a Data Breach Coach, an independent legal expert who provides immediate triage, consultative and pre-litigation services in the event of a breach
  • Pool of independent third party professional service providers who have the capabilities and experience to help organizations and businesses execute their data breach response, including:
    • Legal
    • Notification
    • Credit monitoring
    • Computer forensics
    • Call center
    • Fraud consultation
    • Public relations
    • Crisis communications
    • Identity restoration