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As a business owner, you can control the cost of risk through the use of captive insurance companies. Chubb offers creative and flexible risk financing solutions across multiple lines. We provide expertise and insight into the alternatives available to common insurance arrangements and will assist in the development of new products in order to meet your needs.

Coverage Highlights


  • Individualized risk underwriting for each client or program under consideration
  • Formalized practices that support the cash flow and contractual needs of captives
  • Long term relationship focus and commitment
  • Pre-established banking relationships for trust alternatives
  • Dedicated specialty practices to support captives: M&A, energy, transportation and trucking, temporary staffing, and healthcare
  • Global and multi-line capabilities
  • Flexibility to unbundle fronting, reinsurance and/or risk management services as needed by the captive owner
  • Chubb is a member of Captive Insurance Companies of America (CICA) and is recognized as a key provider of products and services, in addition to being a contributor and supporter of the captive industry worldwide


Captive Strategies will work with prospective or existing Chubb clients and producers to evaluate various program structures, such as:

  • Fronting only: domestic and international
  • Fronting plus excess of loss
  • Fronting plus excess of loss and aggregate
  • Reinsurance only
  • Claims management services with ESIS, Inc. (purchase individually or with Chubb)
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Services with ESIS, Inc. (purchase individually or with Chubb)
  • Structured risk products
  • Loss portfolio transfers (LPTs)
  • Novations

Client Profile

Chubb Captive Strategies can provide products and services for a wide variety of alternative risk structures, such as:

  • Single Parent or "Pure" Captives
  • Homogeneous Group captives (with five years of group loss experience)
  • Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Group Captives (reinsurance only)
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • Rent-A-Captives or Protected Cells (either sponsored by the ACE Group of Companies or by Third party sponsors)
  • Purchasing or Self Insured Groups
  • Pools or Trusts
  • Other Alternative Risk Structures