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Inspections and maintenance reviews for boilers, pressure vessels and other critical equipment.

Service Highlights

Preventative Maintenance & Program Evaluations helps your company develop instructions and pre-defined logs listing timelines and recommend actions to properly maintain boilers, pressure vessels, air conditioners, electrical and mechanical equipment (including production equipment) and other critical machinery.

Jurisdictional & Provincial Required Inspections of boilers and pressure vessels can be conducted by our inspectors to adhere to provincial and jurisdictional regulations.

Accident Investigations are conducted by Chubb Risk Consultants within 24 hours of alerting Chubb of a loss to help you resume operation of your business, review cause of the loss and recommend ways to reduce recurrence as well as mitigate the cost of the loss.

Physical Surveys can be conducted on your machinery and equipment to evaluate your equipment breakdown exposures. Where identified, we provide recommendations to help you reduce the likelihood and severity of a breakdown loss as well as its associated downtime.

Infrared Thermographic Scans are used as part of our inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment for "hot spots" caused by electrical deficiencies such as loose connections, faulty insulation and dust accumulation — that if left unattended can lead to electrical fires.