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future worker

New business practices and technologies have led to many workers supplying their labor outside of the traditional employment relationship, with a continued shift towards contract work.

From Shared Economy App providers enabling flexible and freelance work to organizations leveraging contract workers, the Future Workers are unique. They are technologically-savvy and highly adaptive.

Spend a day in the life of the following Future Workers to understand their risks and fears.

Rideshare Driver

a screenshot of a video game

Fact: The worldwide ridesharing market size was about US$36 billion in 2017 but it could grow eight-fold by the year 2030, reaching $285 billion annually.1


a screenshot of a computer

Fact: 92% of millennials want to work remotely.2

Social Media Influencer

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Fact: 1.4 billion international trips were made for leisure in 2018, up from 6% last year, according to World Tourism Organization. Social media influencers specializing in travel are part of this growth story.3

Information Technology Professional

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Fact: Globally in 2020, the number of international assignments will increase by 50% from 2010.4

Chubb’s Solutions for the Shared Economy

Working with leaders of the shared economy, Chubb has tailored insurance products for the future workers in the Asia Pacific region. Contact us if you are interested to find out how we can collaborate to serve the shared economy.


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2A study by published in 2017 -
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4Talent Mobility 2020 by PwC, Page 6.

Download the full infographic.

The Future Worker

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