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How Does AI Say "I Love You"? Unraveling the 4 Secrets of Love in the Modern Era

“Wu Kong, do you love me? You have to say it out loud!” - Stephen Chow

In the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence (AI), people are increasingly wondering how to express their love effectively.

The Price of Boba Tea Indulgence

We have all been there: During a long day at work, someone pops the evil question, “Boba tea, anyone?” ending up with everyone going around gathering drink orders. Indeed, since its introduction in Hong Kong, boba tea has become a little sweet escape for many people. 

Building your wealth legacy: Three tools to help you plan a better future for your children

When you hear “inheritance”, you probably think about the money someone receives when their loved one passes on. But inheriting wealth involves so much more, from housing loans to substantial monetary gifts that parents give their children during their lifetime. In fact, there are many ways to transfer your wealth – and you can get started right now. 

8 Best Cancer-fighting Foods & Dieting Tips for cancer prevention

Cancer has been a leading cause of death in past 20 years, according to Department of Health1, it can be said that cancer is the top killer in Hong Kong. To minimize the risks, other than staying away from smoking and alcoholic consumption, daily diet also plays as a key factor. But what are the foods that can help prevent cancer? What are the cancer-fighting foods? And is there anything to note on a cancer patient's diet? Here are some insights from Chubb's team.