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“Wu Kong, do you love me? You have to say it out loud!”

-Stephen Chow

In the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence (AI), people are increasingly wondering how to express their love effectively.

To answer this question, we asked ChatGPT to explore the concept of love in the modern era. ChatGPT recommends that – outside of verbally expressing our feelings and showing love through our actions – we should hand-pick unique, personalized gifts to represent our love and care.

Another unconventional way to show your love is to purchase life insurance, which can protect your family even after you’re gone.

Master the 4 Love Languages

There are many different ways to show the people in your life that you’ll go the extra mile.

Firstly, frequently express your love in daily conversations by directly telling your loved ones, "I love you" or "I care about you." It's the simplest and most direct way to demonstrate that you care.

Still, actions speak louder than words. Helping your loved ones solve problems or supporting them through tough times can also go a long way towards building a strong relationship.

ChatGPT also suggests using tangible items to express love. You can give gifts on special occasions or surprise your loved ones with presents during the ins and outs of everyday life – from preparing dinner after a long work day to writing a heartfelt thank-you note. Being thoughtful with your gift choices, like choosing someone’s favourite food, can make all the difference.

In fact, even purchasing term life insurance can signify your commitment.

Buying Term Life Insurance as a Representation of Love

You might wonder how buying term life insurance and listing your loved one as the beneficiary is a true expression of love. Term life insurance ensures that your loved ones have financial safety even in unforeseen circumstances, which allows your love to speak for itself even after you’ve passed on. This type of life insurance typically offers protection for a limited duration, like 10, 20, or 30 years – covering the family's financial pillar during their prime earning period.

What’s more, term life insurance is affordable, albeit without the potential income of cash values or dividends. Chubb Life’s WiseChoice Term Life Protector offers flexibility in choosing the right coverage to suit your needs. For example, a 30-year-old non-smoking male purchasing a one-year term life policy with a sum assured of HKD 1,000,000 will pay an annual premium of HKD 985, averaging around HKD 82 per month. The worry-free plan guarantees a fixed premium and renewal until the age of either 85 or 100, depending on your chosen coverage.

Chubb Life’s WiseChoice Term Life Protector ensures ongoing protection without requiring proof of health, regardless of your medical condition. Apart from guaranteed renewals, the plan also offers conversion rights. This allows you to convert your term life policy into a designated whole life dividend policy or savings plan before the age of 65 for better long-term financial planning.

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