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Lynn S. map

Chubb continued to exceed Lynn’s expectations.

With her car trapped in her garage, Lynn rented a new one the next day. When Chubb learned she hadn't rented a car like the one she owned, they quickly delivered a new car that was comparable to her own. Though she hadn't asked for a different car rental, Chubb was committed to keeping Lynn whole throughout the experience - down to the car she drove.

When Lynn felt more comfortable staying in a rental home than at a hotel, Chubb covered the cost. And while Lynn spent time documenting her lost valuables, her Chubb broker Samantha had Lynn's personalized home assessment handy to make sure nothing was forgotten in the process. Lynn's home assessment, with its careful records of the details of her home and her treasured possessions were critical to understanding - and replacing - what she had lost.

Lynn felt that Chubb was always one step ahead, and because of the effort and care they provided, she felt like Chubb treated her as if she were their only client.