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Even on a holiday weekend Chubb responded within minutes, putting Joe and Roberta immediately at ease knowing they were taken care of.

Duration: 3:04

Joe and Roberta had lived in their home for twenty years. When their youngest child left for college, they decided to downsize and invested $50,000 to get their home ready for sale. But when Roberta stopped by the house to water the plants and check in, she immediately saw water pooling on the back porch and water cascading from their roof. Water was pouring through the ceiling, damaging the interior of their home, including all the new details they had recently invested in.

Joe and Roberta were beyond overwhelmed—just the day before their house had been in perfect condition. Joe called their Chubb broker but because it was a holiday weekend, he had no idea what to expect. Just minutes later his broker called him back, assuring him that they were in good hands. Not long after Joe and Roberta received a call from an adjuster, and Chubb teams arrived at their house to remove the damage. Just as quickly as the unexpected happened, Chubb was there to offer Joe and Roberta the support and solutions they needed most.

After their home was repaired, Joe and Roberta wanted to help the new owners potentially avoid similar water damage incidents in the future. Chubb helped them install a water leak defence system to provide an extra layer of protection. The defence system monitors the flow of water through the house, sounding an alarm if it detects a flow that isn’t right.

Just as the couple were about to sign the papers to put the house back on the market, their water defence system alerted them that something was wrong. When Roberta returned to the house, she didn’t see anything like the scene she had seen before. Everything was perfectly fine because their device had shut off the water to prevent an issue before it even happened. As soon as Joe and Roberta bought their new home, they also installed a leak detection device. This extra layer of protection provides additional security and comfort in their new home.

Chubb helped Joe and Roberta install an extra layer of protection, to help prevent a water catastrophe incident from happening in the future.

Duration: 3:08