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Technology companies are encountering risks unheard of just a few years ago. At Chubb, we've been in the technology business longer than any other insurer, and have built a reputation for being fair to our policyholders, innovative in our product offerings and flexible in crafting property insurance solutions tailored to meet any need and any budget.

Coverage Highlights

What It Covers

Technology Property Insurance

  • Impairment of computer services - malicious programming

    Addresses the first party exposures presented by the internet and companies' reliance on electonic information in their operations. Separate limits are provided for acts of malicious programming committed by those authorised to access IT systems (insiders) and those who are not (outsiders).

  • New product delay

    Allows recovery of lost profits, which arise from the delayed introduction of a new product caused by the interruption of research and development operations by a covered peril.

  • Exhibitions, fair or trade shows

    Provides automatic cover for property whilst at, or in transit to and from an exhibition, fair or tradeshow.

  • Computer breakdown

    Automatic cover for computer breakdown, including loss resulting from interruption to your business in consequence of such breakdown.

  • Mobile communication property

    Cover for damage to mobiles, tablets and laptops anywhere in the world.

  • Event cancellation

    Annual cover for cancellation, interruption or curtailment of events due to accidental events beyond the insured's control.

  • Employee theft (optional)

    Cover for loss resulting from employee theft.

  • Professional expenses

    Covers professional expenses incurred on account of an audit, official review or examination.

Market Specialisation

We specialise in providing insurance protection to a wide range of technology businesses, including:

  • Information technology services
  • Software development
  • Government/Defence
  • Clean technologies 
  • Telecommunications services
  • IT and Telecommunications equipment manufacturing
  • Hardware and component manufacturers

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