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Chubb proudly presents Group Critical Illness Insurance, an insurance plan covering events such as diagnosis of dread diseases including cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and paralysis, amongst others.


Group Critical Illness Insurance enables producers to request  a quotation selecting amongst the numerous coverage options for their new and existing clients.


The insurance policy assures business executives and employees that they are protected from unanticipated incidents & illnesses on a 24-hour basis worldwide. For companies, it extends their level of duty of care by providing a safeguard from unforeseen diagnoses.   

Value-added Benefits

  • Unnamed basis
  • 3 different benefit plans (HKD100,000, HKD200,000, HKD300,000)
  • • 3 Coverage Options (Cancer Only, 3 CI or 36 CI)
  • 4 Age Bands for mandatory coverage (Age 20-45, Age 20-55, Age 20-60, Age 20-65)

Product Highlights

  • Diagnosis benefit providing cover for up to 36 Critical Illnesses including cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and apralysis, amongst others.
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Easy administration - No requirement relating to named declarations of employees due to Mandatory coverage.
  • For all employees (Aged 20-65)  
  • Zero excess (nil deductible)

Key Exclusions

  • suicide, attempted suicide or deliberate self-inflicted injury by the insured regardless of the state of his/her mental health
  • any criminal or illegal act committed or attempted by the insured
  • insured engaging in any professional sport meaning his/her livelihood is substantially dependent on income received as a result of his/her playing sport
  • pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion or complications arising from any of these
  • pre-existing medical condition

Next steps

All you have to do is:
  • Review our Group Critical Illness and decide which plan type is suitable for your needs.
  • Complete our Enrollment Form and pass it to your insurance intermediary for onward submission to Chubb
  • The above information is intended to be a general summary for reference only and does not form part of the policy. You should refer to the policy wordings, available upon request, for exact terms, conditions and exclusions. The above information shall not be constructed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any our products outside Hong Kong SAR.  For further information, please contact Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited on +852 3191 6800.”


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