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To cope with the rising demand of take-away order during COVID-19 times, Food & Beverage Product Liability Insurance is the necessary protection that you might need to run your business as usual with a peace of mind.

Coverage Highlights

  1. Blanket coverage for all takeaway food and beverage sold by the Insured in Hong Kong (no specific description or declaration is required).

  2. NIL deductible.

  3. Cover third party bodily injury (including fright, mental anguish or mental injury if arising out of bodily injury) or property damaged caused by the food and beverage supplied and / or sold to customers anywhere in Hong Kong.

  4. Extend to cover bodily injury or property damage caused by the packaging material, container of the food and beverage.

  5. Extended to cover legal costs which is in addition to policy limit without any cap.

  6. Extended to include the directors and employees as insured.
Sum insured  
HKD3,000,000 Minimum annual premium of

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