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Any company can be affected by a breach of sensitive customer or employee information.

The information and digital age allow us to collect more data, collaborate more efficiently, streamline business processes, and extract information around the globe 24/7.

Increased reliance on computer systems and access to information can significantly increase a company’s vulnerability to cyber security threats. Outages, mistakes, or attacks on these new processes can result in significant out-of-pocket costs that can devastate an organisation’s bottom line. When it comes to data security breach or privacy loss, it isn’t a matter of whether it will happen, but rather when it will happen. To prevent it from happening, you’ll need comprehensive protection from an insurer that specialises in handling cyber risks, offers a full suite of integrated insurance solutions to help minimise gaps in coverage, and understands how to tailor coverage for your business.



Chubb’s international cyber teams have over 20 years of underwriting experience and claims handling


Enterprise risk

Beyond insurance, we provide prevention and risk management advice to help your business minimise loss


Tailored solutions

Our team works together to provide tailor-made solutions for your specific needs

Features & Benefits

task Assessment during underwriting helps you understand risks and plan coverage more effectively
lock Enhanced risk management advice during the policy period
time Dedicated 24/7 incident response teams assist in a covered cyber incident
rated A simplified policy with end-to-end solutions, backed by a diversified AA+ rating global insurer

Coverage Highlights

Standard version

First Party

  • Incident Response – from an actual or suspected cyber event – often nil deductible
  • Business Interruption – loss of net profit and continuing operating expenses
  • Data and System Recovery – increased cost of work, data recovery costs, additional business interruption mitigation
  • Cyber Extortion – extortion payments and negotiation

Third Party

  • Privacy and Network Security Liability– liability following data breach or failure of network security:
    • PCI DSS contractual fines and penalties
    • Consumer redress fund
    • Regulatory fines and penalties (where legally insurable) – GDPR
  • Media Liability – liability following defamation or infringement online

The Highlights

  • Contingent business interruption –for outsourced technology providers
  • System failure triggers – human error, programming error, power failure
  • Standard extensions:
    • Emergency incident response expenses within 48 hours for SME and Middle Market insureds – nil deductible
    • Betterment costs – improvement of software and applications
    • Cyber crime – direct financial loss following cyber theft
    • Reward expenses
    • Telecommunications fraud
  • Pay on behalf for incident response expenses
  • Flexible incident response providers
  • Rogue employee
  • Voluntary notification
  • Voluntary shutdown
  • By endorsement: Reputational Harm Extension, Social Engineering Fraud
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Worldwide coverage

Simplified version

  • Network or data extortion
  • Computer Crime – Theft of money by Unauthorized assess or by Vendor or supplier/ Executive impersonation/ Client impersonation (Social Engineering Fraud).

Catastrophic Cyber Risks - A Growing Concern

As the world digitises, the frequency, severity, and sophistication of cyber incidents are increasing along with the dependency on technology. Here’s how Chubb is ensuring market stability and coverage clarity for our policyholders.

Keep your business protected from cyber risks

Chubb’s Cyber Enterprise Risk Management solution provides you with the coverage and services needed to mitigate these cyber risks.

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