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Regional Insurance Brokers

At Regional, you always get access to a senior broker who will manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis, all year round. We regularly review your business activities and your protection requirements, providing you with peace of mind that you have the most up to date cover profile and policy wordings.

Your Regional broker acts for you, not the insurer and is your advocate when you need it most – whether it be at the time of assessing your risk, placing your cover or making a claim.

You can get on with business while we get on with managing all your insurance needs, right down to the paperwork. That’s real peace of mind.

Our Products & Services

Regional is able to provide you with specialist services in the following areas:

  • Analysis, identification and evaluation of risks, planning, implementation and maintenance of your insurance program
  • Risk management and loss control, including property surveys
  • Claims management (no more call centre queues)
  • Evaluation of contracts/tender documents for construction, mining and other activities

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