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Signature HomeSecure

Chubb HomeSecure is a complimentary security focused inspection specifically developed for our Masterpiece Signature customers 

Unlike Chubb's Home Appraisal, which primarily focuses on the replacement value of your property, a HomeSecure inspection is aimed at reviewing the security of your property to provide practical and tailored advice that may enhance your overall security and personal safety. 


A value added service

Effective home security involves more than just switching on an audible alarm system. At Chubb, we recommend the development of a multi-layered approach for securing your home and valuables.

Available at no cost to Masterpiece Signature policyholders, HomeSecure inspections are provided by experienced Chubb Risk Consultants and consider the individual characteristics of your property, combined with your living habits and individual lifestyle, to provide tailored suggestions to improve your overall security. 


Aspects covered as part of a HomeSecure inspection may include:

  • Coverage of the alarm systems
  • The type of alarm monitoring
  • The alarm monitoring contract
  • Surveillance camera systems 


  • Permetre security
  • Physical security to doors and windows
  • The type, location and installation method of a safe
  • Identifying high risk areas and potential weaknesses
Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

Benefits of Chubb coverage

Here are some key advantages of choosing Chubb:

Global reputation
As the world's largest publicly traded property and liability insurer,    Chubb brings unmatched expertise and financial strength to provide comprehensive coverage.







Our expertise 
Chubb Risk Consultants provide risk management advice around security and protection on a daily basis. Their training and experience enables them to identify potential gaps or weaknesses when reviewing various security layers of a home. 

How it works 
For more information about how HomeSecure inspection works, read this fact sheet.

To book an inspection, contact your insurance broker or intermediary today.


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