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Our Home Insurance Tips and Tools are designed to raise awareness, offer helpful suggestions for protecting your property and direct you to some helpful resources

Alarm systems

Deciding which alarm system is right for your home can be a confusing task, but the installation of an alarm system is one of the most prudent steps you can take to help protect your family and property. Click here to read some information that may assist you when deciding to install or upgrade an alarm system in your home.

Home safes

A home safe is a critical component of securing your important and valuable items such as jewellery, passports, title deeds, and more. It is important that any home safe is suitable for the purpose that is intended and that you seek professional advice to achieve this. Learn more to ensure that your safe is fit for purpose.

In addition, Chubb is pleased to provide the following list of safe companies that can assist with your individual needs.

Tips for burglary prevention

Careful planning can help you reduce the likelihood of loss or damage due to burglary. Read Chubb's suggestions to help you protect your property.

Protecting your home from bushfire

Bushfires cause serious loss of life and destruction of property in Australia each year. The combination of vegetation, topography and hot summers make Australia one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world.

Read this tip sheet for assistance in protecting your home from bushfire.

Protect your home from water damage

Water damage can occur almost anywhere in your home and is one of the most common causes of household insurance claims each year. Water damage can result from a variety of sources that are both internal and external to the home, although a regular maintenance program can substantially reduce the chances of water damage occurring.

Here are some steps you can take to help reduce the likelihood of water damage to your property.

Protecting your family and home from fire

Careful planning can often help you avoid loss or injury to your family and property. Read these steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of loss or injury in the event of a fire.

Protecting your home during renovation or construction

How can you protect your home while undergoing renovation or construction?

We offer the following guidlines to help you protect your home while you are remodelling or undergoing work.

Security companies

Chubb is pleased to provide the following list of security professionals who may be able to assist you:

Security Companies - New South Wales

Security Companies - Victoria

Security Companies - Queensland

Security Companies - Western Australia

Saving your personal possessions

In the wake of a powerful storm or cyclone, learn how you can protect your personal possessions from further harm.

Download this tip sheet containing practical suggestions for salvaging water damaged artwork and collectibles.


Five tips for selecting the right art storage facility

With more facilities cropping up across the country and around the world, how do you select the right one to keep your fine art safe?

Five critical things to do before buying jewellery online

Buying jewellery online can be convenient, but it is wise to proceed with caution and make sure your purchase is legitimate and arrives in your hands whole and beautiful.

Why you need a valuation for your collectibles — and how to get one

Whether you’ve inherited a few pieces of jewellery, are starting to collect sports memorabilia, or have invested in wine or fine art over the years, your collectibles are a part of your history and your story.

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