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Signature HomeScan

Cutting edge technology to help safeguard your home from the inside out

Have you ever wondered if that stain on the ceiling a serious problem?

Is your home properly insulated? Is the electical system safe? 

Chubb's HomeScan service, available to our Masterpiece Signature customers, uses infrared camera technology to detect problems that may be developing behind walls or in the ceilings of your home to help you uncover minor problems before they become major ones. 


Signature HomeScan is available at no cost to all Masterpiece Signature policyholders and can help identify: 

  • Missing insulation that could be increasing your power bills
  • Electrical issues that could put you and your family at risk 
  • Water leaks before they turn into major losses and help pinpoint the origin of reoccurring water issues

How it works

A Chubb Risk Consultant will visit your home and thoroughly explain the HomeScan process, demonstrating the infrared camera capabilities.  

Next, the Risk Consultant will scan the home's interior walls and ceilings and electrical switchboards. The infrared camera registers different surface temperatures and translates them into a variety of colours. A cooler temperature (blue) may indicate missing insulation or a wet spot. A hot (red) reading may indicate electrical arcing, which could be a cause for fire. The powerful images captured during the HomeScan inspection are presented in a professional report and any anomolies that require further investigation are highlighted. 

Our expertise

Chubb Risk Consultants have been trained by level 1 certified thermographers and combine their knowledge of prestige residential construction with infrared technology. A Risk Consultant can visit your home to identify issues that could potentially lead to devastating property damage. If you wish to take advantage of this complimentary service please contact your insurance advisor.


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