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Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Business Travel Insurance

Asuransi Employee Cashback Protection Chubb

Make the choice to protect your employees with cash back protection insurance

Asuransi Group Hospital Cash Insurance

Let your employees know that their health matters to you by taking care of their medical finances in times of crisis

Asuransi Group Hospitalisation and Surgery as Charged

Let Chubb take care of medical costs on your behalf when medical attention is needed

Asuransi Group Hospitalisation and Surgery Inner Limits

Keep your company’s hospitalisation and surgery costs manageable with adequate insurance coverage

Asuransi Group Maternity

Give your employees who are planning to have a baby a head start by financially supporting their maternity needs

Asuransi Group Outpatient Insurance

Keeping you and your employees protected from medical woes as the company grows

Asuransi Group Term Life Illness Only

Give your employees the peace of mind knowing that in times of crisis, their loved ones will be financially secure


Asuransi Group Total Permanent Disablement

It is never too late to be protected against potential major crisis such as a permanent disability caused by an illness or accident

Asuransi Group Total Permanent Disablement Illness Only

Protect your company and employees from illnesses that leads to disability


Asuransi Group Term Life

Due to the increasingly medicine and health care cost, it would be wise if the company maximize the health insurance to control costs while improving the work efficiency of the company. Group insurance package from Chubb Life Insurance will provide protection for your company in case of risk to your employees.