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Group Total Permanent Disablement Illness Only Insurance provides financial assistance and support to your employee in event of total permanent disability due to illness or accident

Coverage Highlights

Benefits for Company

  • It is always comforting to know that in the event an employee faces a crisis, the company will be able to provide financial support to the them and their loved ones 
  • As an increase in employee productivity translates to better profits, motivate your employees by giving them a sense of assurance that they are well looked after 
  • By offering good employee incentives, your company will be able to stay competitive in recruiting new talent

Benefits for Employees

  • Employees will be able to work in peace knowing that the company will provide financial assi stance in the event of a crisis  
  • By receiving welfare benefits from the company, employees will become highly motivated and productive at their job 
  • A motivated employee will perform better at work, resulting in greater potential for pay raise and career advancement

Insurance Benefits

In the event of a Total Permanent Disability resulting from an illness or accident (onset of the condition must not be less than 6 continuous months), the insured will be entitled to a lump sum payment of the sum assured from Chubb.

The material presented is a product summary. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of this policy for further information.

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