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Chubb Life committed to assure our customers receive the best attention and services they deserve. Your policy is a valuable asset and should you require any alterations to your policy, you may request for our assistance.

Non-Financial Alterations

Policyholders may request for alterations which are Non-Financial, e.g. any administrative changes of the policy data.

The following are examples of Non-Financial Alterations:

  1. Changes in Basic Policy Date
    • Correction of name
    • Address
    • Telephone number or email address
    • Bank/credit card data
  2. Change of Beneficiaries/nominees
  3. Policyholder Changes (If the Policyholder doesn't have any rider)
  4. Payment Method Alteration
  5. Payment Mode (frequency)

The documents required for these alterations are:

  1. The completed the form of Formulir Pengajuan Perubahan Data Polis form signed by the Policyholder
  2. The necessary documentation required for each alteration
    • Name correction requires a copy of the Policyholder's valid ID card or birth certificate
    • Address correction requires a copy of the Policyholder's valid ID card
    • Nominees or Beneficiary changes require a copy of the birth certificate, marriage certificate or Family Card
    • Policyholder changes need to be supported by a valid ID card of the New Policyholder
    • Bank Account or Credit Card updates need to be supported by copy of Bank Account Book or Credit Card

A complete authorization letter for Change of Payment Method to Auto-debit requires a copy of the Policyholder's Bank Account Book or Credit Card.

Financial Alterations

Policyholders may request for a Financial Alteration, which refers to any change in the Policy's Benefits or Value.

The following are examples of Financial Alteration:

  1. Adding or Removing a Rider
  2. Increasing or decreasing the Sum Assured
  3. Policy Holder changes
  4. Update of Occupation or Hobbies
  5. Reinstatement

Documents & Conditions required for these alterations:

  1. Policyholders sign and fill in the Formulir Pelayanan Nasabah
  2. The supporting documents required for each alteration include:
    • A copy of the policy holder's valid ID card or birth certificate
    • Health Checks may be needed for Reinstatement, the addition of Riders and an Increase in the Sum Assured.
  3. All outstanding premiums must be satisfied as conditions apply.

For clarification on the details required or further information, please contact your servicing agent or call the Chubb Life Customer Service Centre at 021-2356 8887.

Individual Data Update Form

Regarding to our commitment in providing excellent services and data transparency to our valued customers, Chubb Life Indonesia urge to actively do frequent personal data update by completing Formulir Pengkinian Data. This document can be accessed by downloading the link below.

Unit Linked Transactions

Unit Linked Policy Holders have options for Unit Linked transactions such as :

  1. Ad Hoc Top-Up
  2. Fund Switching
  3. Fund Withdrawal
  4. Change the Fund Apportionment
  5. Policy Termination by Surrender.

Below are the required documents :

  1. The Policyholder has to complete the Formulir Pengajuan Transaksi Unit Link
  2. Copy of valid ID card of the Policyholder

For each transaction, the prevailing Terms & Conditions are applicable.