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Procedure for Submission and Settlement of Consumer Complaint

Referring to the applicable laws and regulations, below is the Procedure for the Submission and Settlement of Consumer Complaint:

1. Contact us - You may submit the complaint verbally and/or in writing:

PT Chubb General Insurance Indonesia
Gedung Bursa Efek Indonesia
(Indonesia Stock Exchange Building)
Tower II, 10th Floor, Suite 1001
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

Attn/Up: Customer Service
Hotline: 1500257

2. Required documents and information - You provide Your data/identity, policy number and certificate number and other supporting documents related to complaints. 

3. Period for settlement

Verbal Complaint

  • For complaints that are submitted verbally, We will follow up and resolve such complaints within five (5) business days after Our receipt of the complaint. 
  • We will provide You with the complaint registration number at the latest 1 (one) business day after Our receipt of the complaint. 
  • In the event We require supporting documents and the complaints settlement period requires an extension, We will request You to submit the complaint in writing by attaching the required supporting documents. 

Written Complaint

  • We will settle your complaint within a period of ten (10) business days after receiving all of the required documents. 
  • We may extend the settlement period by a maximum of 10 (ten) further business days, by notifying you in writing, before the first 10 (ten) business days expire. So the total period for resolving complaints is 20 (twenty) business days. 

4. Mediation and Dispute Settlement - In the event that no agreement has been reached regarding the results of complaint handling carried out by Us, you may:

  • Submit the complaint to OJK for complaint handling in accordance with the authority of the OJK; or 
  • You may submit the dispute to either one of the following institutions:
    a. Alternative Dispute Resolution Body of The Financial Service Sector (LAPS SJK)
    b. Court