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Workplace injuries can disrupt your business and lead to costly compensation payments. That’s why we protect employers with extensive insurance coverage and liability insurance protection against accidental death or injury. Our track record of offering Group Personal Accident insurance to organisations also puts us in a good place to help yours, no matter its size.

Coverage Highlights


  • Providing protection to the Insured until 75 years of age
  • Employees must be employed for at least one year
  • High coverage for Total Permanent Disability         
  • Benefits for Serious Burns, including Second Degree Burns
  • High coverage for fractures
  • Coverage which includes traditional treatments
  • Standard policy without name, for corporate policy with at least five employees
  • Additional coverage option for medical treatment due to accident for a maximum 20% of Death due to Accident/Total Permanent Disability coverage
  • Able to provide protection to company employees working offshore/underground (limited only to visits and supervision activities)

Additional Benefits Option

  • Allowance for the Insured’s credit card bill for medical purposes due to accident, up to IDR 10 million or USD1,000
  • Transportation allowance of up to IDR5 million or USD500
  • Allowance for funeral expenses – up to IDR30 million or USD3,000
  • Medical evacuation due to accident – up to IDR200 million or USD20,000
  • Children’s education – a total of IDR20 million or USD2,000
  • Serious burns (second or third degree) – up to 30% of coverage for Death due to Accident/Total Permanent Disability, up to USD250,000
  • Household utilities benefit – a total of IDR10 million or USD1,000
  • Providing accident protection for Chartered Flights or other non-commercial flights such as Helicopter
  • Providing benefits for complications due to accident
  • Providing benefits for Bacterial or Virus contamination due to accident
  • Providing benefits for Death due to Accident/Total Permanent Disability arising from abduction

Classification of Occupations

  • Class 1 Risk - Lawyers, managers and clerical workers, office salespeople and other occupations with the lowest risk level.
  • Class 2 Risk – Occupation where risk levels are still minimal, but higher than Class 1 risk. Several risks in this class involves very light manual labor (not including use of machinery). For example, door-to-door salespeople, surveyors and administration workers having their office in project sites.
  • Class 3 Risk – Included here are industrial workers the majority of which are skilled and semi-skilled workers, and most of which operate machinery. The occupational hazard in this category creates a greater risk than that of Class 2 occupations, notwithstanding accident prevention measures in industrial plants or elsewhere. For instance, gas station workers, field farmers using machinery, carpenters (excluding carpenters using wood craft machines powered with engine) and taxi drivers.

Note: Product highlights are summaries only. Please see the actual policy for terms, conditions and exclusions.

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