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Asuransi Employee Cash Back Protection is an insurance that financially protects you and your employees. This affordable life insurance not only covers you twice as long as its premium term, it also guarantees a 100% premium refund if you stay claim-free throughout the term of the policy.

Coverage Highlights


  • Enjoy a longer protection period of 10 years in exchange for a shorter premium payment term of 5 years
  • Be rewarded with a guaranteed full refund of your premiums upon maturity when you stay claim-free

Premium Table

Entry Age(Year) Monthly premium payable Sum Assured Additional Benefits
0-15 52,000 25,000,000 2x sum assured
x the remaining
years/months to maturity
16-20 61,000
21-25 68,000
26-30 74,000
31-35 90,000
36-40 120,000
41-45 179,000
46-50 278,000
51-55 417,000

What it covers

  • A regular premium life plan that provides financial protection against death
  • Enjoy 10 years of financial protection
  • The premium is paid on a monthly basis for 5 years
  • The minimum and maximum entry age to this policy is age 6 months and 55 years old

The material presented is a product summary. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of this policy for further information.

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