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Personal Lines Insurance

Private Car Insurance (English)
MY Car Insurance (English)
MY Smart Car Insurance (English)
MY Home Insurance (English | Malay)
Home Plus (English)
Simply Home (English)
Chubb Travel Insurance (English)

Foreign Workers and Domestic Help Insurance

Domestic Help Insurance (English | Malay)
Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA) (English | Malay)

Accident and Health Insurance

Crystal MediPLUS (English | Malay)
Crystal Sihat (English | Malay)
Crystal Essentials Personal Accident  (English | Malay)
Essential Plus Personal Accident  (English)
Group Personal Accident Maximum Protection (English)
Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan (English | Malay)
Personal Accident Insurance (English | Malay)
Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance (English | Malay)
Workplace Personal Accident (English | Malay)


Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (English | Malay)
Products Liability Insurance (English | Malay)
Public/General Liability Insurance (English | Malay)

Worker Compensation

Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS) (English | Malay)


Construction All Risks - Builders Risk Insurance (English | Malay)
Construction All Risks - Civil Engineering Insurance (English | Malay)
Erection All Risks Insurance (English | Malay)


Cyber Insurance                                                     (English | Malay)

Energy Insurance

Machinery Insurance                                                 (English | Malay)
Boiler & Pressure Vessel (English | Malay)

Environmental Insurance

Contractor Pollution Liability II                                 (English | Malay)
Premises Pollution Liability II                   (English | Malay)

Financial Lines Insurance

Commercial Crime Insurance                                    (English | Malay)
Directors & Officers Liability (English | Malay)
Medical Malpractice for Individual Practitioners (English | Malay)
Medical Malpractice for Medical Establishments (English | Malay)
Professional Indemnity Insurance (English | Malay)

Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance                       (English | Malay)
Goods In Transit Insurance                 
(English | Malay)
Marine Hull - Hull & Machinery                                 (English | Malay)
Marine Hull - Yacht / Pleasure Craft    (English | Malay)

Property Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance (English | Malay)
Commercial Fire Insurance (English | Malay)
Fire Insurance (English | Malay)
JMB Elite Package (Property)                                     (English | Malay)

Small & Medium Business

FlexiGuard Plus Business Insurance   (English)