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Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Chubb”) would like to advise our customers to be on the alert for scammers and fraudsters. Scammers can trick customers into revealing their personal details through many ways which include impersonation scam, phishing scam, phone/SMS scam, and love scam. Please be aware of these scammers, Chubb will never direct you to a website asking for your personal data or banking details. If you are approached by/introduced to a person who claims to be a Chubb’s representative or agent, please request for the e-ID which looks like the below for verification. Alternatively, you may check with us if such a person is an authorised representative or agent of Chubb. 

Chubb e-ID

Beware of Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) loan fraud schemes

Chubb has recently been alerted to several Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) loan fraud schemes in which several entities are offering loan approvals contingent upon payment of alleged Chubb Insurance Guarantee Bond coverage. The borrower/victim is told that this purported Chubb product/coverage has to be placed through a Malaysian entity. The purported loaning entities as well as the Malaysian intermediaries have no relationship with Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad and the coverage/quotes they provide are not valid. 


Please remain vigilant and be aware of scams at all times. For reporting of scams/fraud or other related queries which require immediate assistance, please feel free to contact us at 1800-88-3226 (Mondays to Fridays 8:30am to 5:15pm, excluding public holidays) or write to us at