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Small Commercial Businesses

In today’s constantly changing and expanding market, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may find themselves exposed to increasingly more complex risks and in need of segment-specific insurance products.

Chubb offers simple and smart technology-driven solutions for small businesses with revenue of up to USD10 million. The foundation of the Small Commercial offering is our SME Packages which can be tailored to include Property All-Risk, Liability, Workers' Compensation, Financial and Professional Lines, and Group Personal Accident coverages. Our ability to deliver fast and easy servicing is the key differentiator.

Middle Market Businesses

The middle market landscape is vast, comprising various businesses across all industry segments and geographies. Businesses in this segment are constantly on the lookout for growth–enabling products and services, entering new markets and overcoming challenges. They continually take on risks and turn them into opportunities.

Chubb’s Middle-Market offers semi-bespoke solutions for businesses with revenue from USD10-million. In an increasingly cost-conscious environment, we differentiate ourselves by bundling our best-in-class into innovative industry-specific package solutions including for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, professions/offices services, real estate. 

Semi-bespoke solutions for businesses

A segmented approach with the customer at the centre. Dedicated underwriting teams with a deep understanding of industries and trends. A long term relationship and deeper connection with our clients and partners.

Insurance Products for Small Commercial Businesses

We recognise that not all coverages fit the needs of every business. That is why we've crafted a customisable suite of SME insurance to fit your company's specific needs.

Insurance Products for Middle Market Businesses

You can focus on your company’s growth while we protect your business. Chubb offers industry-specific package product built upon our experience and expertise. 

Wide Industry Appetite

Chubb covers a wide range of industries. With minimal additional information, along with our simplified process for targeted industries, we can craft a purpose-built package policy for SMEs in Malaysia.

a close up of an object Education
a drawing of a face Food & Beverages (F&B)
a drawing of a face Health, Beauty and Spa
a drawing of a face Hotels and Hospitality
a drawing of a person Medical / Dental Centres, including small hospitals and medical consultants
a close up of a logo Office and Services
a drawing of a face Retailers

Why Chubb?

We understand your business and will create a tailored solution that fits your needs.

Benefit from the true partnership and a proactive approach
We will help you achieve the right outcome with a proactive and collaborative approach.

Be supported by those with your vision
We understand and share your vision, and we are focused on supporting you and your goals. 

Have the reassurance of a global partner that’s trusted and respected
Our international reputation for delivery and financial strength means you can count on us.

Enjoy a seamless experience
We bring together operations, technology, claims and risk engineering to realise a scalable operating framework that will ensure a seamless experience for you.


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