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Each year, the number of vehicles on the road continues to grow rapidly. With more and more cars on the road, we know for a fact that accidents are unavoidable. Chubb understands how loss and damage to your car can set you back financially. Hence, a thorough and comprehensive motor insurance plan, MY Car Insurance has been crafted to help you get back on track when life takes a wrong turn. 

Key Benefits

a drawing of a face Cover for accidental loss or damage to the vehicle
a drawing of a face Cover for liability to third party
a drawing of a person 24 hours towing and minor repair service
a drawing of a face Temporary replacement car and hotel accommodation benefit
a close up of a logo Home burglary cash relief benefit
a drawing of a face Full body paint service
a drawing of a face Cleaning service
a drawing of a face Handbag and wallet guard
a drawing of a face Flood coverage

What It Covers

  • Private vehicles

[Video] MY Car Insurance

Chubb's MY Car Insurance offers roadside assistance for minor roadside repair, 24/7 unlimited towing service, temporary replacement car and hotel accommodation benefit, flood coverage and more.

[Video] Protect Your Home and Car with Insurance Cover for Floods

Floods can cause significant losses and disrupt you financially. But fret not, now you can protect your home and car financially against flood damage with Chubb’s insurance cover for floods. Find out how. 

Please refer to the policy contract for the full details of benefits, terms and exclusions that are applicable. The information provided here is a brief summary for quick and easy reference. The exact terms and conditions that apply are stated in the policy contract.

Forms and Documents

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