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Motor Protection

A car accident can set you back financially. While you can’t predict a car accident, but you can prepare for one. Our comprehensive and customisable Motor Insurance solutions are specially crafted to provide you the peace of mind when you are behind the wheels.

Home Protection

Because there’s no place like home and it makes financial sense to protect what you’ve worked hard to own. That’s why we know you’ll value our extensive Home Protection solutions for the things that matter to you.

Accident Protection

Accidents can take a toll on your finances. Our Accident Protection plans let you build a unique policy around your age, finances and plans to protect you effectively when the unthinkable happens.

Medical Protection

Unexpected medical expenses can threaten your savings and life plans. With our Medical Protection insurance plans, you can protect yourself against rising healthcare costs and unplanned expenses to stay on track with your goals.

Travel Protection

Travelling can be fun but not when the trip goes wrong. Fulfil your wanderlust dreams and safeguard yourself while you’re exploring the other side of the globe with our affordable and flexible Travel Protection plan.