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A basic comprehensive motor insurance policy may not be sufficient to provide adequate protection in all situations. That is why you should consider enhancing your motor insurance plan. Simply choose the add-on covers based on your needs and pay a little extra for it. Then you are good to go, knowing that your car is financially protected against unforeseen events.

Here are the add-on covers that you can choose to complement your Chubb’s comprehensive motor insurance plan:


Type of Add-On Covers

Special Perils

Provides financial protection against natural disasters such as fl­oods, landslides, fallen trees, and more.

Windscreen Protection

Covers replacement or repair cost of your car windscreen without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD).

All Drivers

Allows unnamed drivers who drive your car to enjoy the same coverage as you in the event of an accident.

Waiver of Betterment

Waives the unexpected cost of replacing new original parts during an accident claim.*

*For cars aged 5 years and above

What It Covers

  • Private vehicles

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Chubb's MY Car Insurance offers roadside assistance for minor roadside repair, 24/7 unlimited towing service, temporary replacement car and hotel accommodation benefit, flood coverage and more.

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Floods can cause significant losses and disrupt you financially. But fret not, now you can protect your home and car financially against flood damage with Chubb’s insurance cover for floods. Find out how. 

Please refer to the policy contract for the full details of benefits, terms and exclusions that are applicable. The information provided here is a brief summary for quick and easy reference. The exact terms and conditions that apply are stated in the policy contract.

The benefit(s) payable under eligible certificate/policy/product is(are) protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s TIPS brochure or contact Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad or PIDM (visit

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