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Why Chubb

  • experienced underwriters and renowed transportation risk managers
  • quick, efficient and customer related claims handling
  • special solutions by industries
  • individual solutions in accordance with the clients’ needs
  • integrated multinational programs controlled out of Switzerland
  • worldwide network of subsidiaries and partner in all relevant areas
  • local policy issuance and local claims handling
  • cross national premium collection and claims handling
  • global implementation of risk management measurements
  • pure local implementation of risk management measurements according to local client’s needs
  • online tool for issuance of marine insurance certificates



  • All-risk-coverage against loss and damage whilst goods are shipped, during stopovers, fairs, exhibitions, events etc.
  • Extensions/state of the art coverage
  • Additional coverages/extensions according to client’s needs
  • Costs as a result of a covered event
  • Consequential damages and pure financial losses
  • Cost as a consequence of delay in start-up as a result of a loss or damage of relevant parts during project shipments (oversized/overweighed goods which need to have a special planning)
  • Cost as a consequence of a business interruption based on a covered cargo loss or damage

Your contact

Marine Manager Central Region
E Guney Celik