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The placement of an insurance solution that meets all compliance requirements can become a timely and complex challenge.

Chubb has specialized clinical trial knowledge and extensive underwriting experience. Our industry experts with many years of experience are conducting and managing multinational clinical trials for both pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organization

Together with our partner Kessler we can support you around the world – from clinical trial insurance in the Netherlands to products liability insurance in Japan. Kessler is the leading risk and insurance management specialist in Switzerland. They dispose of a broad network around the world and have a deep understanding of the different markets, their entry barriers as well as their current research regulations.

Working together, Chubb and Kessler can resolve the challenges of the life science sector and provide you with innovative solutions.

Get to know our partner Kessler

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Thomas Koller, Kessler & Co SA

T +41 21 321 66 55 

Thomas Koller