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Chubb is a recognised leader and one of the largest providers of financial institutions insurance in Switzerland. With a rich heritage of insuring financial institutions including asset management firms and funds, banks and other lending institutions and insurance companies, Chubb offers a broad spectrum of quality and tailored business insurance solutions and services. Chubb’s comprehensive range of products provides market-leading protection for local, multinational or international financial institutions.

Directors and officers insurance

Financial institutions have to operate within a growing array of complex laws, rules and regulations, which increase the potential for litigation and consequent loss. All financial institutions, regardless of services offered or be they public or privately held can be affected by suits against the company and/or management. With the increasing focus from regulatory bodies it is becoming more important than ever that companies protect their key personnel from suits brought against them.

Chubb provides market leading directors’ and officers’ liability insurance providing crucial protection to the company and its senior management against claims of wrongdoing from various parties including; shareholders, employees, competitor companies, and the government.

Comprehensive cover for the directors and officers against defence costs and legal liability incurred from: wrongful acts, errors and omissions, misstatement, negligence, and breach of duty.

  • Damages, judgments, expenses and defence costs
  • Costs of legal representation for investigations
  • Losses incurred within 30 days of management buy-outs of a subsidiary
  • Costs arising from extradition proceedings
  • Cover for deprivation of assets of individuals
  • Separate additional limits for independent directors
  • Long tail Retired Director cover
  • Individuals covered for pre-investigation costs
  • Civil fines and penalties cover for individuals where insurable by law
  • Tax contributions where the company has become insolvent and there is personal
  • liability of an insured director
  • Actions between directors of a company
  • North American exposures where applicable

Professional indemnity insurance

Financial institutions have to operate within a growing array of complex laws, rules and regulations, which increase the potential for loss and consequent litigation.

We provide market-leading civil liability insurance, protecting financial institutions and their employees against claims arising from the performance of or failure to perform professional services.

In the current regulatory and economic environment, it is important that companies have the right cover. We operate on a "knowing your client" basis and work with our clients to develop the appropriate insurance for their needs.

Comprehensive cover for defence costs and legal liability incurred from:

  • Wrongful acts
  • Errors and omissions
  • Misstatement and misleading statements
  • Negligence
  • Breach of duty, breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of applicable regulations outside the USA

Crime insurance

A leading product designed to provide broad cover for first party crime exposures facing all types of financial institutions. In the fast moving business climate of today, we have seen an exponential increase in business fraud. With this in mind, it is crucial that organisations protect themselves and focus on these areas of risk management to secure their future.

Standard cover includes protection against:

  • Dishonesty by employees including unidentified employees
  • Theft either on the premises or in transit
  • Protection against receipt of counterfeit negotiable instruments
  • Issue or receipt of forged cheques, credit cards or bills of exchange
  • Theft of funds or property by computer fraud
  • Legal defence costs

Investment management insurance solution

Asset and investment managers of any size, from small boutique operations to global multi-fund, multi-manager operations need the protection offered by Chubb’s investment management insurance.

The insurance solution contains directors and officers liability insurance, professional indemnity (errors and omissions) and crime cover for investment funds and investment managers. It can be tailored to fit any jurisdiction in which the insured is based, including the USA

Coverage includes:

  • Protection for the directors and officers of investment management companies for claims arising from wrongful acts in their management or stewardship of the company.
  • Protection for the directors and officers of an investment fund for claims arising in relation to the management of the fund.
  • Protection for the company and its employees from claims related to their failure to perform professional services or errors or omissions related to those services.
  • Protection from theft.
  • Dedicated tower of coverage for AIFMD losses.

Venture capital liability

This insurance provides cover for the legal liability of directors and officers to the company and shareholders. It also covers the company’s legal liability to its employees, investors and customers in carrying out venture capital activities.

Combines four coverages into one policy:

  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Management Indemnification Insurance
  • Outside Directorship Liability Insurance
  • Professional Services Liability Insurance

Enhanced coverage available through Chubb’s Venture Capital Asset Protection Gateway Endorsement, which further addresses the private equity/venture capital industry's evolving regulatory and economic environment and increasingly complex deal structures.

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