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In an increasingly perilous world, organizations with international operations require the protection of an experienced hand. We protect business travelers and their families worldwide with an unparalleled combination of insurance and crisis management expertise.

Any company can be a target for kidnappers or extortionists, especially if your employees travel abroad. More publicly held companies are realizing the importance of managing these risks with insurance and special crisis management services from Chubb.

Product highlights

Protecting employees and corporate assets is serious business. As an industry leader in kidnap/ransom and extortion insurance, Chubb believes the best risk management strategy for these risks includes quality insurance coverage, sound risk management procedures and protocols, and expert advice.

Benefits include

  • Comprehensive coverage for kidnapping, ransom, extortion and other threats against your personnel or property
  • Access to sound risk management procedures and protocols, as well as expert advice
  • Chubb’s expertise in kidnap/ransom and extortion insurance

Your contact

Major Accounts
T +41 76 434 77 82
E Sylvie Verdier
Middle Market
T +41 79 231 02 90
E Stefan Wohl
T +41 76 557 81 67
E Fiorella Perrone