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Product highlights

  • Our insurance protects your business as well as your clients’; if you’re legally liable for their money, securities or property.
  • We offer protection against a financial loss caused by the criminal or fraudulent taking, obtaining or appropriation of money, securities or property by an employee or third party.
  • We also provide cover for social engineering fraud; fraud committed by deception or impersonation.

What we offer

  • Expenses incurred establishing and quantifying a covered financial loss
  • Interest that would have been received or have been liable to pay to a client following a covered loss
  • Public relations expenses and costs to notify customers of a potential breach of their data as a result of a crime or computer violation
  • Expenses incurred to reproduce or reconstitute data following an employee intentionally entering or manipulating data on a computer
  • Cyber and property extortion expenses and ransom payment
  • Defence costs incurred determining if an insured is legally liable for a client's money, securities or property lost in a crime or fraud.


  • Affirmative language to cater for social engineering losses
  • Language provides an “all risks” insuring clause
  • No warranties or basis of contract clauses

Your contact

Major Accounts
T +41 76 434 77 82
E Sylvie Verdier
Middle Market
T +41 79 231 02 90
E Stefan Wohl
T +41 76 557 81 67
E Fiorella Perrone