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Insurance Solutions for Single and Multinational Clinical Trials of

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Biotechnology organisations
  • Medical device and equipment manufacturers
  • Generics companies
  • Research organisations (universities)     


Product Highlights

  • Standard extended reporting period included in quote, additional period available
  • Cover for whole trial duration
  • Policy incorporates legal requirements or other compensation guidelines in the trial countries


             Download the Factsheet

  • Worldwide coverage with locally admitted policies where required. Certificates of insurance provided within 5 working days 
  • Certificate issued within 24 hours for a select group of territories
  • Profit from our WORLDCert. Our automated, web-based system for foreign clinical trial quoting and automatic issuance

Your contact


Underwriting Manager     
Life Science   
T +41 79 295 31 69   
Ulrich Stalder


Senior Underwriter             
Life Science   
T +41 79 316 80 82    
Christoph Meier

Life Science
T +41 76 557 81 23    
Johanna Mitterer

Junior Underwriter             
Life Science   
T +41 76 825 81 28    
Marta Zabczak