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Product highlights

  • Individualized risk underwriting for each client or program under consideration
  • Formalized practices that support the cash flow and contractual needs of captives
  • Long term relationship focus and commitment
  • Global and multi-line fronting capabilities
  • Flexibility to unbundle fronting, reinsurance and/or risk management services as needed by the captive owner
  • Chubb is recognized as a key provider of products and services, in addition to being a contributor and supporter of the captive industry worldwide
  • Chubb has won several industry awards for its market-leading service to captive clients


What does it cover?

Captive Strategies will work with prospective or existing Chubb clients and producers to evaluate various program structures, such as:

  • Fronting only: domestic and international
  • Fronting plus excess of loss
  • Fronting plus excess of loss and aggregate
  • Reinsurance only


Who does it protect?

Corporations with established risk management programmes, commitment to loss control and/or seeking solutions for difficult to place risks.

Captive owners seeking an insurance partner that

  • knows how to best implement a global captive insurance,
  • can collaborate closely with captive owners, risk managers and their brokers,
  • deliver solutions to meet agreed performance measures and accord with regulatory requirements

At Chubb, we have a proven record of designing and implementing customised solutions for client specific needs that require captive and/or cash-flow managed programmes and related services, in an efficient and transparent manner.


Find out more about our captive strategies for multnational companies.